Why Would You Want An Electric Bike?

For many cyclists, the idea of owning a pedelec is cheating when it comes to being healthy. However, not everyone wants to be the next champion cyclist and there are many reasons as to why people are opting to buy the electric bike.

Numerous folks use their bike to journey to work travelling for kilometres or they would like to convey their possessions on their bicycle. Making these extensive or hilly outings can be strenuous and an electrically operated bike serves the best purpose.  While others may start with an electrically operated bike to catch the cycling bug they eventually move on to a normal bike building up their health or become competitive at it. Despite your reason, you need to know how they function and we are here to tell you.

How does the Electric Bike Work?

pedelec’sThe majority of pedelec’s help you with pedalling while cycling – you still need to do the grunting work. Once you plummet below a certain level of pace the motor cuts in giving you that further jolt. One will not get an electric bike with pedal-assist beyond 27.5km/h.

You may even find that several models have a throttle, helping you to not pedal at all times. While others have, both a pedal assists and throttle.

What do they cost?

These bikes are not cheap. You can buy a transfer kit for your existing bike and starts from $950. While ready-made pedal-assist bikes with all its trimmings that include racks, panniers, and lights can cost you as much as $3,000.

One thing a cyclist must remember is whether you are converting your bicycle to electric or buying a ready-made one, you are going to have a heavier set of wheels up to 27kg.

Travel distance and Battery life

The majority of these bicycles operate with a lithium-ion battery pack that holds 8Ah-14Ah capability. On average, the voltage is from 24V – 36V. You do not need a license for the road as they range from 200W – 250W.

An electric bike can have power up to 30km at the most then it needs recharging. While some people claimed, they travelled up to 100km before recharging the batteries.

General guide for battery life:

  • The common capacity for an electric bike is 36V 10Ah battery with the highest level of help takes you up to 50km while with the lowest assistance up to 100km,
  • One with a 36V 9Ah battery provides assistance up to 40km on lowest and highest 80km, and
  • A battery of 36V 14Ah should assist you up to 55km on lowest and highest 120km.

Traveling up hills and through headwinds drains a lot of power of the battery, while using the throttle drains it even more than only using the pedal assist. Batteries for electric bikes aren’t cheap but last up to about 500 charges and replacing one can vary between $350 – $500. A typical recharge of a bicycle battery takes from 4 – 6-hours.

Important features to look at when buying your Pedelec

If you are thinking of buying a pedelec, it is worth considering the following features:

  • Look for a front hub motor – it is easier to maintain if you need to remove a wheel when having a puncture,
  • Buy a higher watt motor – a 350W motor gives greater torque than a 250W motor,
  • Try buying a combination of throttle and pedal assist – use the throttle only when you need to take a break, overusing it drains the battery,
  • Always remember that these bikes are heavy because of the battery, so if you have a puncture and need to push it you will be pushing a lot of weight,
  • Buy puncture resistant tyres,
  • Make sure you have your best bike helmet, visible lights, visible clothing, pump, mudguards, chain guard, racks, and locks.

Final Thoughts On Electric Battery Powered Bicycles.

Always remember to try the e-bike before you buy as power on these bikes varies. Buy your electric bike from a specialist shop around town. They will explain to you the various options available, and give you the best advice to take care of the battery and great help on how to use the controls. Riding a pedelec is not cheating just more convenient for you.