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You’re probably wondering where can i see other bike trailer brands for kids that are currently on the market as there are quite a few makes and models to choose from. In recent years manufacturers have been sourcing production offshore in China, so check on forums (which i have mentioned in another post on this site) about whats hot and whats not in the bicycle trailer scene especially in terms of safety and quality of the bike trailer unit. Don’t get me wrong, all these companies listed below from what i have read in my research have the number one focus to protect the child rider and a programs of further product development with safety aspects in mind e.g. rollover features, hooking up the unit to the adult bike, safety flag, passenger seat harnessing etc.

Kid Bike trailer manufacturers include the following brands.

Trail-A-Bike Bike Trailers

We will write extensively about the Adams Trail-a-Bike in other sections so will just glance over a detailed description.  Adams trail-a-bike company was founded in 1986  and is a Canadian corporation making bicycle trailers for children as single rider (attached to an adult bicycle and towed) or a tandem bicycle trailer model (two child passengers behind each other, seated in two places, single wheel and towed by adult bicycle).  The general age group is 4-6 years old.  There are around six models of bike trailers for kids on the market that Adams Trail-a-bike company produces.

Burley bike trailers:  based in Eugene, Oregan.Burley trailers make child bicycle trailers and have been operating for around 30 years. Burley don’t offer a kids tandem bike in their range. They have won a number of awards at bike trade shows. The company was started by Alan Scholz and initially called Burley Design bike bags. The company was sold over this period and focused on bicycle trailer manufacturing priding itself in the passenger safety aspects of its trailers. Burley bike trailer company has a world wide distribution network. The companies website is: www.burley.com

The company website offers a range of trailers including: child range which are enclosed style bicycle trailers, the companies commute range for hauling golf bags and groceries for example, pet trailers and trailer cycles.

Chariot Bike Trailers – This privately-held family-run business is solely dedicated to the outdoor transportation of children.  has a wide variety of bike trailers including conversion kits for jogging, towing the enclosed trailer, enclosed trailers for toddlers, bike baby trailer and accessories. The company is based in Calgary, Alberta and their website is: www.chariotcarriers.com

Croozer Bicycle Trailers: – www.croozerdesigns.com makes kids bike trailers but cargo carriers and pet trailers for carrying small dogs. Croozer “kid” is a stroller style design with two wheels and enclosed. Ideal for use as a toddler bike trailer. The website lists distributors in the USA, Australia, and Canada. We have not covered Croozer Bike Carriers designs other trailers i.e. the pet trailer or the cargo trailer gave our focus of the website being on trailers for children and, in particular, the Adams Trail-a-bike style trailer.

Instep trailers for children: a division of Dorel Juvenile Products Group, InStep make joggers and bike trailers for children. Listed on the website within the companies range are – fixed wheel strollers, swivel wheel strollers, bike trailers, pedal cars and accessories. The bike trailers noted on the company website were “enclosed” style trailers with zip-up front and side enclosures. Prices ranged from USD$130 to USD$250 for their enclosed trailers listed on the companies website however discounted items are worth checking on Amazon via one of our affiliate links on this site. The website has available trailer catalogs and manuals for download as well as a US and International dealer locations. It is noted that international dealers for Instep trailers are located in New Zealand and Australia, the UK, South America and Europe.www.instep.net

Topeak: offer quite a range of accessories for bicycle riding. For 19 years, this cycling accessory company has focused on performance, style, light weight, and durability in its cycling accessories. Available at bike shops and the company’s website. To speak trailer bikes and cycle accessories are found at its website: www.topeak.com

Wee Ride cycle trailers: Weeride have an international distribution network. Their corporate website is at: www.weeride.com
In the US distributors for bike trailers for kids include Target and Walmart.  Weeride’s website includes a range of around 10 product items. These include a front mounted seat called the Kangaroo Carrier (note our comments on front mounted seats in our Cycle Trailer Buying Guide at click here – we prefer rear seating arrangements for bike-mounted seats although at the end of the day its personal preference 🙂 Other products include a child’s 3 wheel trailer that is an enclosed design and pet carrier and small bicycles for toddlers.  

Wahoo Bike Trailers For Kids: Based in Golden, Colorado. Weehoo http://rideweehoo.com/ the company’s first kids bike trailer was designed by the bike-riding parents of twins. After a three-hour ride, they realized that riding with the children was effortless, plus the children enjoyed pedaling and being part of the adventure. At the time of writing, Weehoo weren’t offering a kids tandem bike for two people in their range like Adams tail-a-bike offers. The company offers a one-year guarantee on its Weehoo i-go trailer bike and a distribution network that appears to be in 11 countries. Parts are available on its website as well as well as the Weehoo Igo Pedal trailer (RRP $399). See company website for bike trailers for children stocked online by Weehoo. Flagship models within the Weehoo range at the time of writing included the Weehoo igo pro trailer.