Cycling With Children: Here’s My Experience


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Bicycle trailers, carriers, front and rear mounted seating options are plentiful in supply, and there are many options available on eBay and Even at the local cycling store, they have various options to suit your needs for carrying a child. Going out cycling with your kids and using one of these contraptions attached to your adult bicycle teaches them at a young age that the car is not the only mode of transport going around. Bicycles can get you from A to B just as a family car can as well as public transportation and good old walking. Encouraging children to get out and about using bicycles as they develop is a real thing rather than sitting at home watching TV or relying on being seated in a car always.

No matter what system you adopt, a sound system is a system of getting out and about.  A bike trailer is something that attaches to the front or rear of the bicycle. “hooking up” a bike trailer is only part of the fun and taking the kids cycling is, even more, fun at the end of the day. Starting from an idea to the investigation of what options are available for child bike seats or trailer attachments is only just part of the homework exercise that you’ll have to do in a final decision on what bicycle trailer unit to buy that will suit your needs. There various options available regarding brands bike accessories as well as budget considerations.

So how can you get out there with a cycling contraption and do so safely with your child?
These are fundamental questions but what sort of equipment shall be using for this and to focus on the trailer or bicycle seat. Will it be better to have a front mounted bike seat or a rear mounted cycle seat for your son or daughter? Moreover, safety considerations such as the child wearing a bike helmet? What other safety gear do I need, flags et cetera?
I have quite a few years of cycling experience with kids and taking them out and about. I have two children one being a 12-year-old and the other being a three-year-old. We bicycle and drive the family car walk and bus to wherever we are going. All of the items that I mentioned below for review I have purchased and use over the past years of cycling with the children. None of the gear mentioned sponsored or obtained free to review on this website.

Used bicycle accessories for sale, may be the way to go

In many cases when I am buying cycling gear I prefer to hunt down used items. It is not just the bicycling I guess you guys have a similar approach to research the issue that you might want to buy but you might want also track down a range of specials and deals in different style stores or even buy secondhand online through some of the community groups and online noticeboards. I tend to hunt around Craigslist, Gumtree, OLX (this depends on which country you are located as to what traditional discussion forums are on the go) and various noticeboards for used gear of which the depreciation for reasonably good quality bicycle trailers and bits makes the exercise worthwhile and saving money. On many occasions, these items are being sold just because the child is at Ron the bike, bicycle trailers, for instance, become past the use by date at around the child’s age of eight, so you can snap up a bargain online if you know where to look and how to look. Bargaining for the item is the cream on the cake and in some cases I’ve sold the used item after much use for the similar price to what I paid. You can also find many bike parts and trailers and seats on Some of you might just prefer going to a big box store and buying the trailer of the shop shelves of that be the case, and others might prefer to go to a bicycle local shop and talk to the owner direct and get a one-on-one feel and experience of having spoken to the store owner.

Bike trailers are suited for children aged 4 to 8 years old.  I have always used these as a peace of mind when getting out and about and knowing that children are unsteady on their cycle.  The danger is they may not be focusing on the road and wander into the path of an oncoming vehicle. To me, it’s peace of mind cycling having a trailer that I have gotten then giving them a bicycle and letting them go forward freewheeling on the road.

Let’s look at some of the options for child/adult cycling – together:

Bike trailers: bike trailers are a great piece of machinery but don’t exactly protect the child from the elements such as sunlight, sunburn or dust. Bike trailers are suited for older children and may not be suitable for young children due to seating and balance on the bike trailer and the age of the child. As mentioned bike trailers best suited for children around 4 to 8 years old. They are great regarding security knowing that the child is riding behind you rather than wondering around between or into the path of vehicle traffic. Regarding practicalities, they are not as practical as a cargo trailer which may also be used for hauling stuff such as shopping bags.

Bicycle trailers can come in two design style’s single trailers for a single child seated in an upright position or 2 children sitting on the trailer. Adams “the company” that makes bicycle trailers based out of Canada, produces a double seat style trailer and these have been retailing for over $600 on I must mention at the moment that I have never purchased one of these styles of trailers and have only experienced single seat trailers for my kids.

Front mounted bicycle seats: Another piece of cycling accessory is a front mounted bicycle seat. Front mounted bicycle seats as they are described fitted to the front of the bike. I have had front mounted bicycle seat in the past such as an Ibert which is a brand of front mounted seat. The child may not like the idea of sitting in the front mounted bicycle seats because they cannot usually see you. Other kids, however, may like the idea being in a front mounted bicycle seat, and this comes down to the individual preference of the child. The seats I bought ranged around the hundred dollar price mark in the past. I guess if you do look at the pros and cons at the front mounted seat is a great way for a child to interact with surroundings it can be fun for the passenger and driver and you have rear rack room to haul other things such as shopping et cetera. Some of the cons might be that when it is raining it does not offer protection for the child and that the front mounted seat may not mount on all styles of bicycle frames and that the age is limited to about 2 1/2 to 3 years old depending on the child’s height.

Rear mounted bicycle seats: Another option may be a rear mounted seat, and I have bought rear mounted seats also in the past, and they have worked great in terms of budget options they are cheaper than the purchase of a bicycle trailer. Rear mounted bike seats also are good on public transport reasonably well when compared with having bicycle trailer. There are different seats including one from Adams too and another from Topeak. If you do look at some pros of having a rear mounted child seat for bicycles, it would be cheaper than a bike trailer and that the child is close to you, and you can talk easily. The possible downside is that there was a little bit more real weight on the racks of my bicycle.

Bicycle trailers: bike trailers are another utility item that I purchased for my children in the past. These are known as trailer bikes or tag along bicycles and are suitable for children from 3 to 4 years old right up to 8 years old. They turn your adult bike and to a tandem style bicycle. Attaching a bike trailer is reasonably straightforward, and there are plenty of pictures and connectors online including spares at if so required.

With bike trailers there is some contribution when the child peddles in the cycling process, and we bought an extra hitch so that we could use it on our other spare bicycle.
Adams is not the only company making bicycle trailers, and we have put a list of other brands that are on the market here.

One of the pros of having bike trailers primarily that the child, when tired, can rest and the adult cyclist pull the trailer along as well is the child who can be seated upright.

With bicycle trailers, you are talking about a little bit more money price from $170 upwards. The advantage is that the children get to pedal, and it is an excellent way to keep an eye on the kids as well as they are experiencing road rules and learning how the adult cyclist drives. The downside is that the child must sit up and hold on as if they are cycling on a standard bicycle, in some cases the trailer can be a bit wobbly.

There are trailers on Craigslist second hand, for sale and some of them that we advertise for sale are in good condition so check out Craigslist first. If you need parts you can always buy them from our parts store here which is online

One thing I have bought in the past and the reasonably cheap at the moment on are cargo trailers. You can grab these new for generally under $100. Cargo trailers are ideal for storing shopping and going for short trips and picking up goods. Okay, these are not necessarily related to carrying children, but they are an excellent accessory for carrying shopping, other items to and from home than using the car to go to the shops.