Checklist When Buying Your Next Adult Bicycle.

Many people are starting to commute around town with bikes and for a good reason. Cycling is healthier than getting into your car. Secondly, not only is it healthier but it saves you loads of money spent on fuel.

If more people start commuting with their bicycles, towns eventually will become more environmentally friendly as fewer fumes spread throughout the hemisphere. Therefore, have you decided to take up cycling and not sure where to start then you should use our checklist.

Below we have listed some of the criteria you need to observe when choosing a road bike.  Price is not the only considering when looking for the best deals on bikes and the best affordable road bikes may not be what suits your cycling needs.

What you need to look at when purchasing a bike:

  • The bike style,
  • The style of the frame,
  • The different gears and group sets,
  • The wheels and tire,
  • The type of accessories,
  • How easy is it for you to keep the bike maintained, will you need route finding and not to forget insurance if your bike is debilitated,
  • Then last on the list, price – what are you prepared to spend on your flashy bike.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a bike:

  1. How fast and far will you be riding every day?
  2. Will the terrain be bumpy or smooth, and will there be hills?
  3. Will you need to carry your bike around in certain parts of the city such as stairs?

Questions to ask when at the bike shop:

  1. Does the bike you are looking at fit you?
  2. What type of material is the frame made off?
  3. How many group sets does it have (gears?)
  4. What kind of pedal does the bike have?
  5. Are the saddle and grips comfortable to use?
  6. Are the wheels quick-release?
  7. Are the rims double-walled or single?
  8. Does it have mudguards and a rack?
  9. What accessories do you receive included?
  10. What warranty does the frame have?
  11. Does the price of the bike include any services?

Price wise and where to buy a bicycle.

Some of the best bikes vary in price and you can expect to pay $400 – $500 for a commuting bike. Moreover, if you find that the prices go up higher, it is not worth spending more. The most higher-end bikes cost you more.  You can find a number of bicycles for sale on  Amazon normally have a good range of bicycle brands on offer at very competitive prices.