Where To Buy A Cheap Adams Trail-a-bike Hitch And Other Bits?


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This article is about spares and replacement parts fo the Adams trail-a-bike and in particular, one part that is often asked about is the availability of replacement Adams trail-a-bike hitches.  Where can a customer buy a hitch from and how much do these cost?  The great news is that there are cheap Adams trail-a-bike hitches for sale online and through affiliates like our association with Amazon.com.  You can search, select and choose the best-priced hitch to be sent to you via courier or post both locally in the US and overseas in the UK or Australia or Canada.  Pretty much globally, but the cost of freight may be a factor to take into account.

At the time of writing, there were bits and pieces for the Adams trail-a-bike including hitches that were priced at under $25.

What does a bicycle trailer hitch look like?

I have started the youtube video which links off here– watch the video starting at the hitch system [links off to a youtube video] .  If you need to work out how the bicycle trailer hitch is set up and how all the bits and pieces fit together, that video link is a must watch.

If you are looking for a users manual to download which details the setup the bicycle trailer hitch system go here.

And while on the topic of hitches for the Adams bicycle trailer, here’re some brief instructions how to install a hitch.

You will be surprised to know (or may not be surprised) that people have put such setup guides on youtube on how to install an Adams hitch.

More, in particular, setting up the Adams trail a bike parts install and unboxing of the newly arrived bikes in the post.  Below you will see a bike trailer hitch.

You might want also to refer to the Adams trail-a-bike parts and users guide that would have come with the bike at the time of sale. If you don’t have that, don’t worry as there are pdf bike owners manuals for download online, and that are easy to hunt down.

We did a quick check and found at the time of writing the lowest prices on Hitch bits and pieces that we could find for our readers on Amazon, which we have posted below.

Spare bits and pieces for your Adams trail-a-bike:

Adams Hitch Adapters:  Adams Hitch Adapter is reduced by over 50% to $9.23.

Adams Hitch Pin for Trail-A-BikeAt $6.21 this is a bargain, the list price is normally $12.00.  Thats a saving of 48% and has a great customer rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 starts.  Find out more about this Adams Hitch Pin for Trail-A-Bike

Adams Trail-A-Bike Seat Post Shim Kit Sleeve Set We found no real savings here but still priced at under $20 for the best buy on Amazon for an Adams Post Shim Kit.

Adams Trail-A-Bike Universal trailer hitch  This was the best priced set that we could find and there was no discount at the time of writing.  If the bit you are looking for is not mentioned above then you can search our link to spares and parts for Adams trail-a-bike.