Pimp Your Ride With The Brightest Bike Light.

We know that you are most likely cycling around town during daylight taking in the fresh air and sun – but what happens if the weather changes or you are caught cycling home in the dark? Is your ride safe for night riding and does it have the brightest bike light attached to it?

If not it is time to pimp your ride with the best bike light for night riding – think about it have you ever seen motorists riding around during the evening without their headlights on. NO!

How you should choose the right bike light

Before you run out to your nearest store there are certain things you need to know regarding bike lights – we are aware you need to be visible on the road, but size, ease of use, durability, and battery replacement are all-important.

Here are some great tips for you to consider:

  • Look for USB rechargeable battery operated bike lights – the batteries do not have to be removed and it makes it easier for you to remove the light regularly for charging only,
  • Choose multiple LED lights if you can – they are usually the brightest and you can find some great ones out there, one of the favorite ones to flash up your ride with these days is spoke lights for bikes, but more on that later,
  • The light you choose needs to be visible from all angles,
  • Before buying make sure the mountings of the light fits your bike,
  • If you do choose one with replaceable batteries, make sure that you can find them locally (AA or AAA),
  • Prevent using helmet-mounted lights as they only light up the path you are travelling on and more suitable for riding a mountain bike on rough terrains, and
  • Always test the light at the store before you buy them.

Make sure you abide by the Road Rules

In a lot of states, the road rules require that when you are cycling in low-visibility conditions to have the following:

The lights you buy whether it is flashing or steady must be visible to others to see for at least 200m. They should be visible from the side at 50m. The red rear reflector ought to be visible up to 50m when the lights projected onto it by vehicles headlights when placed at low beam.

For some of the best bike lights you can look at some of the following lights:

Nightriders Lumina 750this light offers you a rounded beam to spot even debris on the road.  

Cateye Volt 700it is a small sized light but offers you great practical performance with a beam that is well balanced for tricky situations.

Moon X-Power 780it has a powerful beam with separate mid fill strip offering a decently bright light when cycling down a dark road, and

Now to pimp up that ride the ever popular spoke lights for bikes – here you can find many different brands available. These transparent blades attach to the wheel spokes and as they spin, the internal computer of the blades start modulating the LED lights making designs or even custom text appear.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are travelling during the day only, the time will come when you need to journey at night with your bicycle. Always be prepared with the brightest bike light. If you are planning to use high-powered LED lights, they are perfect for cycling on unlit paths, but when travelling on public roads, it could blind oncoming motorists. Always make sure that it is pointed at the ground a couple of metres in front of your front wheel. Remember safe cycling!