Safety for Cyclists While Bike Riding.

Bike lanes are popping up in many places throughout the country; more and more people are taking up cycling to commute to work or for weekend recreational riding.  Having a bicycle trailer that attaches to an adult cycle is a bonus and gets the family out instead of being behind the TV or computer.  With more people cycling, more accidents are happening. If you don’t want to be a statistic it is important to follow some bike safety rules to keep safe.

First and most important before you start cycling your bike it is best to read our safety tips getting you safely to your destination on time.

Bike safety rules differ depending on each State or territory.  Many states make it mandatory to wear a bicycle helmet and have a front and rear light for night riding, that’s the minimum.

Cycling Safety on the road:

  • Always wear properly fitted gear that is standard approved – the most important of these is your fitted bicycle helmet,
  • Obey the rules of the road, do not jump those red lights and never cycle on pavements as there are designated cycling trails,
  • We know it’s not fashionable but wear those visible vests – they are there for a reason making motorists see you from a distance,
  • Make sure your bike is fitted with reflectors and lights as you need them when travelling early morning and late at night,
  • Always make sure that your bike is correctly sized as you need to be able to touch the ground with your toes,
  • Select travel routes where you are separated from road users, that is why you have bicycle paths throughout town,
  • For adequate time of crossing, make sure that there is plenty of room for both pedestrians and vehicles,
  • And never assume that other road users have spotted you and always establish eye contact with a driver before crossing a road, and
  • Always signal clearly at all time when you are changing direction, and
  • Make sure that Bell is working, as it is a great accessory to advise pedestrians that you are on the road.

Be aware of motorists when riding your bicycle.

The majority of accidents happen when cyclists are on the inside when vehicles are turning left. Never assume that a motorist is going straight because they are signalling left. Prevent undertaking a car in this type of situation – hang back a while and let the car move on.

Prevent cycling along the inside of large trucks or buses, especially when you are at a junction, they cannot see you.

Take part in cycling training

If you are new to cycling, it helps to develop your skills and there are many different local courses in your vicinity available online.