Bike Cargo Trailer

Discounted bicycle cargo trailers – If you are looking for a pull behind the bicycle cargo trailer then this one is currently the best buy on Amazon for price. There aren’t too many reviews, 1 in fact that’s been left but that scored a perfect 5 score in the reviewers rating.  At the moment there’s a massive discount of half price on this bicycle cargo trailer.  It’s perhaps the cheapest, enclosed cargo trailer on the Amazon website at the moment. See for yourself how cheap tffhis unit is – price list of trailers..

Bike cargo trailers are nothing new but they are also something that isn’t in the minds of many cyclists to buy. Pull behind storage bicycle trailers are great for hauling home shopping and extra items than taking them home by taxi or car or home delivery. Its good reason to get out to the shop and bring them home yourself and combine your personal time with exercise and doing so in an environmentally friendly manner using a bike cargo trailer.  Many people living in an urban environment might find bicycle cargo trailers a bit of a hassle in terms of navigating through traffic, hauling the extra items and parking them at the shopping centres and having peace of mind about the cargo trailer being there in the spot you left it upon return.

These two wheel bike cargo trailers can be used for any small haul jobs, camping gear, the golf clubs, shopping trips to the grocery store.  They are perhaps better in an environment like a small country town where you can freewheel through the streets and not have to worry about drivers in heavy traffic, especially where public transport is infrequent, and you don’t have a motor vehicle of your own, a quick trip to the shops by just hooking up a cargo trailer to your bicycle is easy.  There are specialist pet trailers, and i am not sure whether you could take a small dog in this trailer unit, but perhaps it’s not out of the question for this unit to double up as a pet carrier.

Specifications of this trailer:

  • Items are stored in a massive 130 lb.
  • capacity 27″L x 22″W x 12.5″H cargo area
  • Includes a removable rain cover to help keep water and debris out.
  • Each bike cargo trailer folds compact between uses, to 29″L x 32.5″W x 8″H with quick release wheels stored inside.

How does the bike cargo trailer connect?

Connect is very simple to your existing adult bicycle.  There’s a universal mounting hitch designed with the trailer and this is suited for most adult bicycles of between 24 and 28 inches in size.  There is also bright orange safety flag which is detachable and that comes with the trailer being advertised on Amazon.  

Maximum speed rating for this cargo trailer is ten mph. Large spoke wheels provide 7.25″ reasonable ground clearance between the road surface and bicycle cart.

Construction: heavy duty steel frame.  Check out more photos of the trailer here..

Finish: black paint finish with a stylish red and black nylon fabric cargo hold with the manufacturer’s logo.

From what I gather in writing this article and looking into most of the trailers that are online this unit is of Chinese manufacturer origins.

The list price of this bicycle cargo trailer is USD$162.99. At the time of writing there was a discount sale on Amazon at $99.00  Referred price is no longer available but will update soon any new specials    which is an absolutely amazing price as far as bicycle cargo trailers go and for a bike cargo trailer of this quality and specifications.  Check it out here.

Here is the cargo trailer we referred and its just $79.99 on sale now.  No longer available but will update soon any new specials

The Video shows a cargo trailer fitted to a mountain bike. There aren’t many videos available online to see these units and not one of our better videos we have posted on this website. That said, this reviewer showed enough of the unit setup and hooked up to a bicycle. He also bought the cargo trailer off Amazon. These cargo trailers are ideal for groceries, camping gear, etc. but remember as the reviewer pointed out he has a light. He paid $139.00 online but as we stated above you can get the trailer above for $99 but the price rises and falls I guess with the change in stocks and demands, and I have seen the trailer above discounted to as low as $80 on  It’s just waiting for the right time to pounce if you can hold off.