The Best Commuting Ever With Your Foldable Bike.

Cycling has become a popular method of travelling with some great benefits – such as living a healthier lifestyle and saving you heaps of fuel. However, the best commuting ever is with a foldable bike, especially if you are a mixed-mode passenger.  The prices of folding bikes have really dropped dramatically in recent years, we have placed a link to a model near the end of this article where you can buy for around $130 on Amazon.

For many their bicycle becomes an essential part of their lives. If you need to travel to your nearest train station, travel to work and still in need of travelling a distance from the station the bikes that fold up has more benefits than your normal bike.

They are great for storing if you live in a small apartment and yes, when in need of travelling on a train or bus, you can fold it up. This bicycle is lighter and more compact than ever before taking you as little as 15 seconds to fold it up.

There are so many great brands available, finding the right one is a challenge. We are going to help you find the best fold-up bike and features you need to consider before buying one.

What you need to look for in a folding bike.

Here features play an important role when you are looking to buy a bike that fold.

Your bike needs to fold/unfold quick and easy – When standing at the bus station or train station you do not want to struggle to fold your bicycle ending up with grease and scratches – and low and behold, in the process you miss your transport to town. Always try the bike out at the shop, but remember it could take you a little while to get the hang of it. Look for a folding bike with a chain enclosed inside preventing you from getting grease all over your clothes.

Buy a portable and light bike – Once you have folded the bike at the shop try to carry it around. You do not want to carry around a chunky foldable bike. Also, look if you can wheel the bicycle once folded, does it lock together once folded, or do you still need to strap it in. Can the bicycle stand up when you have folded it? These are all important questions to look at.

Size matters with foldable bikes – Take into consideration when buying a folding bicycle that it needs to travel with you on a train or bus. You can find some of them sold with a carry bag optional, and great to protect the bike and prevent you from getting dirty. On trains in Australia, you can carry your foldable bicycle if it does not exceed 79cm x 59cm x 36cm and needs to be in a travel bag.

Some other things to take into consideration:

  • It needs to be stable and comfortable to ride – these bicycles have smaller wheels, a less sturdy frame and the seat post is high. If you are only using the bike for short distances connecting with public transport, ease of folding is important, but travelling longer distances you should feel comfortable when cycling with one hand and cornering with the other.
  • The folding bike should be easy to maintain as the majority of them do not have quick release wheels and the wheel size is smaller so best to carry spare tubes.
  • When buying from the bike shop have them tweak the components and wheels from the start presenting you with a great ride.
  • Make sure it has some great features included such as luggage racks, mudguards – you can look at the following the Dahon Mariner D7 that is great for regular cycling, has a convenient size when folded, rust resistant, and convenient for carrying around.  I have seen cheap end folding bikes on for $130 like the “Stowaway” 20″ folding bike with Shimano gears and comes in a range of colors.  I cannot vouch for the durability and quality of this particular model of bike though.

Now that you know, what features to look for in your folding bike, it will cost $450 – $2500 for your suitable ride? Make sure that you journey safe and cycle your bike that folds up with pride, as it will get you from one destination to the other with ease.