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I wrote this article for newbies to bicycle trailers that might be weighing up some considerations before plunging into the world of family biking and bike trailers.

Cycling is an excellent way to get a load of health benefits but there’s an even better way that incorporates doing it as a team and bringing the family along, and that is by hooking up bicycle trailers. These trailers will allow you to ride a lot safer than having the child riding on his or her separate bike and you having to keep your eyes on where they are going, or straying when there are motor vehicles around especially. Getting out as a family and riding as I have done has provided a lot of mental benefits. It sure beats sitting around behind the TV set and will give a lot more “family bonding” with fun and excitement seeing the countryside and outdoors. Perhaps you may not have considered a bicycle trailer for you, mom and the kids to try.

Take a look at the prices online and you will see they are not much money as an additional item (in some cases you could call it a safety issue and peace of mind) for the child trailing behind your adult cycle. Bike trailer manufacturers have also been creative in coming up with many varieties of trailers for cyclists. There are currently on the market bicycle trailers for pets and dogs, campers, canoeists, trailers that convert to a jogging stroller and for babies, and then there are cargo trailers that allow you to go to the shops and bring back groceries or other goods conveniently on your bicycle.

Bike trailers can be open without cover or can be enclosed to protect from insects, elements of the sun and wind and rain, etc.

Our main trailer that we started to have a look at and the bicycle trailer that I own, being an Adams trail-a-bike is a single unit that isn’t covered. There are Adams Trail-A-Bike Tandem designed trailers for two However, these units at the time I was looking were both unsuitable (having only one child) and of course a lot more costly anyway.  Priced at $600 at the time was the asking price for an Adams tandem trail-a-bike which in my books is just way, way too much money to pay for a bicycle trailer.

The single seat Adams bicycle trailer is perfect for kids 4 to 6 years old.

Brands of bike trailer for kids on the market? There are many brands of bike trailers on the market. Adams trail-a-bike aren’t the only brand and you will need to formulate a short list of requirements before going out there and handing over your credit card details to the store. In recent years, there’s been a lot more suppliers and manufacturers originating from outside of the US and Canada and getting the products made and sourced from countries such as China. We will get more into all the brands of bicycle trailers that are on the market in another post – here.

For now, we will write a general article about considerations to make when buying a bike trailer so that you can make the best and most informative choice, not just on the pricing aspect.  Some people may be able to make a decision on the spot and answer “this is what I want” for others, knowing which brand and model to the brand that suits your family and biking needs might take a little more decision making.  Not only do you need to know such things as whether to have a jogger or stroller such as the Aosom brand, an enclosed trailer such as the InStep Sierra Bicycle Trailer which depends on the age of the child or tandem seating configuration as well as ability to fold the unit in half for easier storage and transportation.  You also might have a preference for color, and these can be purple, red, black, silver, gunmetal, yellow, the list goes on.  Some bicycle trailers for sale on the market are made in China these days and others are manufactured in the US. Personally, the leading brands are well made with safety in mind offering various safety features discussed in the guide below.

The list of considerations I wrote below is not conclusive; there will always be more questions but in the end, its quite a simple product for a very simple exercise and that is a device to tow your children behind your adult bicycle when out on the road.

I will not overwhelm you at the moment so for this article we will not talk about other types of bicycle carriers and portable trailer devices such as pet and cargo carriers for example.

So what are the options for child bicycle trailers, not just the single wheel, single seat variety of trailer that we have been posting articles.

Well, these options are: Rear mounted child bicycle seats (such as the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat) – These are not covered here. We will for this post just talk about Bicycle trailers; and Trailer cycles.

Don’t forget also the safety aspects of your bicycling. Bicycle Helmets First: No matter what you choose you need to make sure that your child wears a cycle helmet. Infants under 1 years old arent ready for a helment and therefore shouldnt be taken on any rides of any kind whether seat or trailer. Bicycle safety flags mounted to the rear of the bike trailer.

From memory when i was researching about the Adams bike trailer for purchase the model I bought from Amazon came with a rear mounted Bicycle safety flags .

Bicycle Trailers – There are enclosed and non-enclosed styles of trailers.

Let’s Talk About: Bicycle Trailers Basically bicycle trailers looked like side cars but attached to the rear of the parent adults bicycle axle, seat mount or frame. These types of bike trailers can carry children from 1 to 6 years of age. Some models can take one child where others are in tandem configuration and can carry two children such as the Adams Tandem Trailer cycle mentioned on our main page.

Carrying capacity: All models have limitations when it comes to “carrying capacity” and these maximum weights range from 85 to 125 pounds. Remember that these trailer-cycles are for kids 1 to 6 years old so that is quite a substantial weight to carry for a child of that age. It is recommended that the limits to those weights not be exceeded to avoid damaging the trailers frame. Regarding trailer carriers, children are seated and strapped into the carriers.

There is usually a zippered compartment which protects the child from the sun or rain. Unlike bike seats, trailers are low to the ground, and this fact can reduce injuries from falls. It must also be remembered that being low to the ground makes it difficult for drivers to see.  Bike trailers should only be used on properly constructed bicycle pathways and not on roads where there is vehicle traffic.  Even if you must ride on the road with vehicle traffic, it is important that the trailer has safety accessories fitted such as an orange bicycle safety flag.

These bicycle safety flags are available for purchase online and are generally 3.5 to 7 feet in height.  Most models of bicycle trailers have a hitching device that keeps the trailer steady if the bicycle tips over.  An example that comes to mind is the Chariot Bike Trailer Hitch Arm Lollipop.

Some Bike Trailer Models Can Be Modified. There are some bicycle trailers that can be converted to hiking or jogging strollers (such as here) by purchasing additional add-on kits. The Trailer-Stroller Conversion Kit for Instep Double Trailers provides a way to transform a trailer into a stroller.

Some models can also be folded which makes them appealing when storage area in the home is tight.  Having a bike trailer will be fun especially when you are towing the additional weight of one or two children behind you.  Trailer cycles for bicycles. Trailer cycles comprise a one-wheel extension half bike that attaches to the seat post or special rack on the front “adult” bike.  These types of trailers

Protection From The Weather And Elements. A lot of the trailers that I have reviewed and that are enclosed come with a plastic or fabric mesh shield to shelter the child from sun, wind, rain showers, or road debris “flicked up” by the first adult bike. Some bike trailer models offer tinted windows for sun glare protection and keeping the interior of the trailer cooler. The Burley Design Encore Bike Trailer in this case linked to a model in Blue model offers mesh windows but always ensure that your child enclosed in the trailer has adequate ventilation at all times.