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I’ve seen some pretty flimsy bicycle racks for cars around and some of these in my books will be illegal if not soon to be.  The Allen Sports Deluxe Mount Rackcomes to mind where the bikes that are on the racks end up covering over the licence plates.  Many vehicle bike racks explicitly cover over the motor vehicle license plate and just remember in a lot of states to be concealing a motor vehicle license plate is a fineable offense by the Police.  I would stay well and truly clear of these type of bike racks and strongly advise you to do a little digging around with what vehicle racks work best with your existing automobile or what the laws are on bicycle racks in your State.

For some, there’s no issue.  You might be able to stow the bikes and folded bike trailer into the back of your SUV or tray of the 4×4.  For others, getting to the park and the area where you will be riding, a bike rack is a necessity.

I didn’t need to purchase bicycle racks.  I live in a small township, and the cycling is usually done within proximity to my home.  It’s important though to cover the aspect of transportation of your bikes and bicycle trailers for those that want to go out of the city environs for a ride.

Let’s talk about bicycle racks for cars.

With bike racks there are lots of choices you can use. Beginning from the sort of roofing system rack mount, hitch place, torso install, and also vehicle beds and a spare tire place. Now we just determine how many bikes would you take on your vehicle, the choice of existing racks can carry one, two and even four bikes on the rack.

Be careful with your choices, some racks are much less than an acceptable or good quality and can cause problems with your vehicle and even cause damage to your bicycles.

Recommended brands of Bike Racks.

If I may pick a few brands I would suggest a comparison such as:

Advantages of using a four bike racking system

What are the benefits for you when using four bike racks; well, the main one is, of course, you can carry more than one bike, but it allows an entire family to go along for the ride so to speak and not leave anyone out of the activities.

Two types of 4 bike racks most frequently used are the mountain bike hitch racks and roof racks that can help you save time loading and unloading bicycles from the vehicle. Roof rack your bike out of the way, but it makes the bike a little difficult to store and retrieve from the vehicle, forcing you to reach above you on the top of the vehicle or climb on top of the vehicle to secure the bike on the bicycle racks properly.  This may be the case especially if you travel with a family who has similar hobbies, besides it does not arise concerns can not leave room for passengers in the vehicle.

There are hitch racks that can hold up to four bikes but still require a  trailer hitch for mounting, the good news is this rack is made of durable metal construction. You must not be confused with racks. There are many to choose from, and I suggest sticking to the ones listed above; surely there must be some criteria that you must accept and adhere to save getting confused so primarily price comparison may also become a major factor in determining, this remains a decision in your hands.

Bike Rack Reviews – Online brands and models of bicycle racks.

Further reviews of online websites and user opinions may be required before making a final purchase.   Be sure to break down the bike racks by  categories such as:

  • Cross County
  • Swagman
  • XC Rack,
  • Rack Mount
  • Delux Allen,
  • and Hollywood Racks HR1000.

Bike racks are produced to fit and mount on almost all types of vehicles.  Most commonly used are roof racks for mounting a mountain bike. When the bike is equipped it is important, a minimal movement is expressed. Whenever and wherever they want to go to the location of cycling, you may be able to consider also a bike rack hitch.  Also in addition to a bike rack hitch.

Make recreation or exercise with family hobby into something fun. No need to be confused again or to bring the bike in the vehicle trying to jam it into the back seat, lowering the front seat and passing it through the doors or laying it on the back of the boot for a station wagon.  No more .. have a serious look at a high-quality bike rack to save a lot of mucking around.

An important point to remember in respect to buying bike racks whether at a bicycle store or online, e.g., Via Ebay or Amazon.

One of the most important things buy brands that have proven reliability should never take a risk by buying cheap goods, but the effect can ruin your fun.

Let’s just boil the racks down to some basic bicycle rack designs as they fit over the vehicles back: [Note also images are clickable]


Rear mounted a rack on a station wagon car. These have a strap that loops around places such as the roof rack.

4 bicycle steel bike rack mounted to the tow ball of a vehicle

This bike rack fits into the tow ball of the vehicle. It takes four bicycles in tow, and I guess there’s provision to put a number plate to ID the car. Remember the distance it protrudes may affect your driving, e.g., Backing up, health and safety of people in proximity hitting themselves.

4 bike bike rack for car

Mmm, this is some strange device that can take four bikes. It’s mounted to the rear of the vehicles but also, I suspect would cover the number plate as well as pose a danger to people bumping it, if not the driver has to allow extra clearance when backing the vehicle and in tight parking spaces.

bike rack for jeep and mounted to spare wheel.

This rack mounts around the spare wheel. It appears on the face of it quite a right mount and system for carrying your bicycle.

bike rack for sloping back window style car

This is a bike rack for a car with a full back window and trunk. Can take appears two bicycles.

window mounted racks for bicycles

This seems like a complicated setup, but I guess it would be easy to install. Involves some straps and rubber protected mounts against the back window for a trunk of this style. Again, check the number plate issue in your state for concealment of vehicle registration plates.

Allan sports bike rack

These are an Allan sports style rack that can be mounted to a traditional trunk design.

car bicycle racks

Bicycle racks. It is important that you buy something sturdy, that’s safe to transport your bikes and legal.


To be honest, all these racks look illegal that I posted above.  They are hiding the number plates, and you will have to find out from the Police in your area about the practicalities of moving these bikes on these type of racks.  Maybe they issue such things as bicycle rack number plates which are official release number plates that you place on the back of the racks.  Here are some of the bike rack designs and you can find these racks for sale on Amazon.  Just make sure you consider the vehicle shape and rear end design of the trunk area before you make a final decision to buy a bike rack.

Bicycle rack review – video below

I’ve put a review on the Allans Bicycle rack.  The review is by Jim from Jims Review Room, who has studied quite some products.  Man! These bicycle racks do look a bit flimsy on the car, but Allans make a lot of budget end bicycle racks for cars.  I feel a little cautious claiming to load two bikes on that rack, but others may have better ideas.  The price the reviewer purchased the bicycle rack was for $37 odd, but the price varies up and down I guess depending on stocks and sales volume – when I checked at the time of writing were selling these bicycle racks for $31.99!.  I will also check with your local law enforcement about bike rack number plates and concealment of the number plates by bicycles as well as the requirement in some countries if you aren’t transporting bicycles your not allowed to have bicycle racks on the car.  The bicycle rack was small, but the reviewer did use the racks to carry an adult size mountain bike.  These racks are also available from Walmart.