What Adult Bicycle Should You Buy.

Perhaps you are finding it hard to decide which bike to buy to get around town.  Finding the perfect bike can become overwhelming as there are many models to choose on the market with plenty of technical jargon attached.

Today we are going to share with you the different bike styles available on the market.

What different style bikes are there for you to buy?

Style does matter when choosing the right bicycle to buy.

First and most important, you need to choose a bike for the kind of riding you are going to do mostly. If you are new to cycling, it is best to buy a bike style with an upright position.

They are comfortable and make you more aware while cycling on the road. You may have seen people speeding around town with their drop handlebars and looks quite modern.

These modern bikes when cycling in a low riding position makes it harder for you to keep your eyes on the traffic.

However, this does not mean that you only have one style to choose. There are many upright bikes with some stylish features available on the market for you to buy.

Different bikes available

The city commuter bike:  The city commuter bike is a wallet-friendly model and has some great additional accessories such as mudguards, lights, and a rack. They are styled upright and comfortable for travelling around town while some even have internal hubs.

The flat bar road bike:  The flat bar road bike is similar to your drop-handlebar road bike. However, they have flat handlebars and ideal for travelling the long distance and faster than your commuter bike.

The step through bike:  The step through bike offers you a more relaxed ride and great if you need to travel for up to 5 km. As it has a low or no top bar, it makes it easier for you to step through. This bicycle is slower than your commuter bike, but still comfortable to ride.

The folding bike:  If you are commuting by train and in need of riding the rest of the way, a folding bike is a great option. As the name says it – it folds away.

The electric bike: Electric bikes have pedal assist helping you ride easier. Some have throttle power and requires no pedalling. They are perfect for long distance journeys, especially when travelling up hills. You can even buy conversion kits to make your standard bike an electrically driven one.