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Adams Trail-a-bike brand for sale at our website. We specifically focus on this brand and have numerous suppliers for you to buy online including accessories child bike seats, shims, seats, safety flags, Adams trail-a-bike hitch etc.
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Adams Trail-A-Bike
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Adams trail-a-bike | private blog website about the product.

This website has both written and visual information about the Adams Trail-A-Bike brand including accessories and trailers for sale (scroll down).

When it comes to getting out and biking with all the family there is nothing better than having all the children along and doing it safely.  There might be one reason or another today you are visiting this website and that might be for a better system to safely monitor the kids when you are out cycling and ensuring that they are not wandering into the path of traffic by having a traditional two wheel childs bicycle.  The other thing is having the ability to know they are riding safe around you.  Another reason you may have dropped by my site is to look for bicycle accessories or accessories for your bike trailer such as an Adams hitch or trailer shim set.

This site came around because I also looked for a bicycle trailer to attach to my adult bike when riding and to take the kids out together and have some recreational space and do so safely.  After a bit of digging around I found there were many brands and models of bicycle trailers on the market.  Many of the brands come from Chinese manufacturers, some good, some not so good and some are also made in the US.  Perhaps you have noticed there are other brands such as Burley, Croozer, Chariot etc.  These brands offer different functions which are outside the scope of this website such as enclosed capsule for the passenger, 3 wheels bike trailer and a conversion unit that converts from bicycle trailer to a two wheel jogging stroller to carry the child.  Its an absolute headache to go through what could turn into a massive list of trailer bikes, even when taking into account cargo and pet trailers to attach to the bicycle.  As a result I narrowed my focus down to the  Adams trail-a-bike brand.

My website is largely a collection of notes with a few other things added such as the table below and another table giving you options for bicycle trailer accessories.  The format is largely a “personal blog” style site.  I guess another factor that I took into account is price and quality aspect and thats where I chose the Adam trail-a-bike as a good option at under two hundred bucks shipped by Amazon within the US.  I have expanded this website a bit more and will add where I can various online outlets where to buy the Adams trail-a-bike online and provide online outlets that are not just buying via Amazon so you can choose the models available and even perhaps snag a discounted item from one of the other online retailers.  Our first choice however is Amazon and we are Amazon affiliates of the product to which we have linked.

This website is a collection of my writings and instructionals manuals and information I found online eg. forum discussions and  video instruction about the  Adams trail-a-bike .

To date I have been extremely happy with the purchase of my Adams trail-a-bike original folder model.

We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to brands and models to suit our bicycle and family needs and so with our comprehensive list of Adams bicycle models comparing colors and age ranges etc, i’m sure there’s something here to choose from.



How is this website organised?

I have broken up this website with the following aims in mind.

  • What are the models currently available on the market.  You will find a comparison table below that compares the different Adams trail-a-bike models available.  On another page I have placed a table in respect of childs bike seats and accessories including helmets and safety flags for bicycle trailers from the same or other companies.
  • Frequently asked questions page about the adams trail-a-bike.  Here I will be posting any questions that I get from readers and ansers, even FAQs that I have discovered online in this section.
  • Online Adams trail-a-bike reviews My aim here is to point you in the right direction of a cross section of forum posts and other users who have bought the Adams trail-a-bike units so you can network, ask questions about the models and even get the low down of whats good and bad, complaints, issues and problems before or after your purchase of a trailer.
  • A page on the different types of accessories available on the market and where you can purchase them online.
  • Adams bike trailer manual available for download on the Adams folding bicycle trailers.
  • Videos and any other literature that I can find from users themselves who have posted pieces to do with the trailers eg. setup, unboxing videos, issues faced etc.

Background of the Adams trail-a-bike company.

What is an Adam’s trail-a-bike?

adams trail-a-bikeIn looking at the Adams trail-a-bike, lets me start by defining what exactly is a trailer bike.  The Adams trail-a-bike is like a lot of the other brands of kid bike trailers on the market currently.  It is one half of a bicycle that can be connected to the rear end of an actual two-wheeled bicycle. It is a one-wheeled trailer in a low-seating position to accommodate smaller persons like your children. The seat of the trail-a-bike is made to be lower than that of the actual bicycle to keep it more stable and safer for children.

The trail-a-bike was created by Delbert Adams, a Canadian entrepreneur. It started in 1986 when Adams thought about how to make riding a bike easier and more fun for an adult and his kid. There are others who followed Adams lead in creating a trail-a-bike, but if you want a sturdy trailer for your whole family, the Adams trail-a-bike is the perfect companion for you.

This is bicycle trailer information and review site that provides specific reference to the Adams bicycle trailer range in addition to other bike trailer brands on the market.  We are not the manufacturers of the Adams trail-a-bike..

What are the available models of Adams bicycle trailers?

At the time when I was looking for bicycle trailers there were six types of Adams kid’s bike trailers around being the original folder compact, the original folder one, the original alloy folder one, the original shifter seven, the folder twenty four and the folder tandem.  Recently, it appears the company has been focusing on three (3) models of trailers although I have kept this shortlist in here as you may be considering some a used trailer model which has a name that is not currently on the list of “new” offerings online.

I was after a single seater option as you will see there is a tandem bicycle trailer that suits two child riders up to six years of age.


Current and past models of the Adams Trail-a-bike.


The six models that I personally looked at before buying my own Adams trail-a-bike were as follows:

Original folder compact Still available on the market Original folder compact was the first manufactured by the company. It is shorter than other trailer bikes, making it a perfect fit for your children. The original folder compact weighs 23 pounds (10.45 kg) and can carry up to 85 pounds (38.5 kg). Perfect for ages 3 to 5. It has a folding frame that was made for easier storage and transport.

original folder one Still available on the market The original folder one was made also in 1986, and will fit 26-inch and 700-cc lead bikes. It has a frame that folds and was designed  for easy storage and transport.  It has a weight of 23.5 pounds (10.7 kg) and can carry up to 85 pounds (38.5 kg). Perfect for ages 4 to 6.

Original Alloy Folder One NA The original alloy folder one was made exactly like the original folder one, except that it was made of a different material—aluminum—that made it lighter for transport. It is easy to ride because of its single-speed feature. It can fit 26-inch, 700cc lead bikes. The original alloy folder one weighs just 20.5 pounds (9.2 kg). Perfect for ages 4 to 6.

Original Shifter Seven NA The original shifter seven has special gears added to them so as to make it easier for your children to pedal. It has the Shimano 7-speed drive train and a steel hitch with 4 shim options. The original shifter seven weighs 26 pounds (11.8 kg) and can carry a load up to 85 pounds (38.5 kg). Perfect for ages 4 to 6.

Folder Twenty Four NA The folder twenty four was made for bigger children. With their big wheels, it will allow bigger children to join in the family bike tandem. It is made just like the original folder one, except that it has the features of seven speeds and has 24-inch wheels. The folder twenty four is compatible with 26-inch, 700cc lead bikes. It weighs 27 pounds (12.3 kg) and can carry up to 85 pounds (38.5 kg). Perfect for ages 7 to 10.

Folder Tandem Available but hard to find from an online seller. The folder tandem was made for a much bigger family. It has two seats, enabling you to tote around more than one of your kids. It has seven speeds feature also, and has a folding frame for easier storage and transport. The folder tandem is compatible with 26-inch, 700cc lead bikes. It weighs a little heavier than other trailer bikes at 34 pounds (15.45 kg). It can carry a load of up to 125 pounds (56.8 kg). Perfect for ages 4 to 6.




Other retailers that sell Adams Trail-a-bike’s online:

You might also want to consider visiting “Kid Bike Shop” an online supplier of Adams Trail-a-bike trailers and accessories.  Click here for Adams Original Folder Compact Trailer Bikes for sale.  There are also accessories for sale and the original Folder one models – here

Happy and Safe cycling!

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