Welcome to the website. You probably arrived at our Adams Trail-A-Bike website as a result of looking for information about the Adams brand of bicycle trailers.  The early versions of this site focused solely on the Canadian bicycle trailer brand called Adams Trail-a-bike. Since then, we have grown to include other brands of bicycle trailers.

Our aim is to find the best buys on Amazon for our readers. We constantly are scanning the sales, discounted items and comparing the list prices of all the bicycle trailers listed for sale on Amazon. Our aim is to give the readership the best deals possible, not just generic information that can be found anywhere online.

We will point you to the right priced bicycle trailer, bicycle trailers on sale, recalls and safety information if applicable, highlight any comments from users online (whether positive or negative) and more.  The aim of my site is to help you make the best choice and have the best family bicycle riding experience as I have done over the years using bicycle trailers.

Buying on Amazon is easy, we chose the largest online retailer for one thing – its broad range of bicycle trailers for sale and the many brands of kids bike trailers on offer. There are huge discounts on some trailers compared with buying at a traditional bike shop and we aim to find these for you.

Heres what you will find in this site:

Cargo trailers: These are good for carrying all sorts of cargo, pets, groceries, camping gear etc. Adams trail-a-bike company doesnt make this product.

Kids bicycle trailers: There are many brands of childrens bike trailers on the market, some good, some not so good.  We will provide reviews, customer feedback, complaints, issues and problems where we can so you can make the best buying choice based on our online research.  We have links to Amazon showing you the “best buys” on Amazon and the deepest discounts currently on offer for kids bike trailers.

Enclosed bike trailers: We will be providing reviews and information from customers who have purchased these trailers, there are a number of brands on the market and some provide excellent levels of safety for the younger passengers that might be riding in these enclosed bicycle trailers.  They generally have a canvass housing and mess to protect from sun and insects and are designed to avoid ‘tip over’ even if the adult bicycle falls over.

Combo bicycle trailer units – By this we will be pinpointing the bicycle trailers that are convertable to a jogger stroller and also have an attachment to transform the bike trailer unit for towing behind an adult bike.  We will look at many aspects including customers who have bought these trailers, reviews online, pros and cons.

Child bike seats – These arent so popular as the bicycle trailers but an added accessory that we will be covering for you.  Bike trailer seats fit to the adult bicycle and are available from companies such as the Adams Trail-a-bike company and also suppliers on Amazon.com.

Accessories:  We will cover reviews on accessories and parts for the bicycle trailers such as the Adams bike hitch, helmets and flags.  These are normal accessories for replacement and safety of your child passenger and very important information if you are venturing out onto the road and traffic.

Leads and Links – As another area of the website we will be providing you with leads and links.  If you still have questions after checking out our site and the offerings from Amazon.com we will show you places where cyclists gather and places where you could ask questions about the bike trailers.

Bike trailers are fun.  They provide a safe way to get out and about for family biking.  They provide the ability for the child to safely be behind the adult cycle without having to keep an eye on the child riding like a traditional bike and the child straying off into the path of an oncoming car.

There are many brands on the market which you will see in this website.  The kids bike trailers general suit ages 4 to 6.  There are single seater styles (with single seat and single tyre) and tandem style (with two seats and single tyre) and providing the ability for the child to pedal as you ride.

Storage of the bicycle trailers are simple.  Many fold into half the size and can be hung in the garage very easily or carried in the back of the car trunk to where you are going to ride.

What are the current models and price ranges of the Adams trail-a-bike?

Amazon for which we are affiliate sellers, only stock the Adams tandem bicycle trailer from time to time.  At the time of writing an Adams tandem trail-a-bike was priced at around $600.  Yes, quite expensive compared with the other units under $180.  If you really wanted a tandem trailer unit then you will have to find a local bicycle shops that sells the Adams brand to order this unit in and with some luck you might even get it at a much reduced price than $600.

Adams Trail-a-bike Original folder for $179 in various colors – black, red, sliver etc.  We also stock Adams trail-a-bike accessories including Adams hitches, shims and pins.  All of these will be written in specific posts.  Refer to the right hand column or search box to find.

Got any comments?

If you have any comments please feel free to use the contact form.  This is a personal interest blog in bicycle trailers.  It started out as a focus for the Adams Trail-a-bike which I have owned and loved.  Recently as mentioned bove we have expanded our articles to include other popular brands of kids bike trailers on the market such as Burley, Croozer, Weewho etc which you can find reviews and information.

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