Bicycle Trailers

Welcome to the website.  We have kids bike trailers for sale, spare parts for bike trailers such as pins and hitches, accessories such as helmets plus general articles on family cycling.

This website is full of information for people looking to purchase an Adams Trail-a-bike bicycle trailer or those who have one to unbox to get spare parts.  You can even check prices of Adams Trail-a-bikes that we have for sale.  We also cover short articles in sections of this website on cargo trailers and other brands of bicycle trailers so we can make comparison and comments.

Bicycle trailers are fun and enable everyone to get out of the house as a family and have exercise.  No problems are watching for wandering children on their bikes, and they are extremely safe.  The Adams bicycle trailer can also be folded very quickly for storage in the garage or transport in the trunk of your automobile.

Different Types Of Bike Trailers:

Cargo Trailers: These are good for carrying all sorts of cargo, pets, groceries, camping gear etc. Adams trail-a-bike company does not make this product. We will find and source great buys and deals and discounted bicycle cargo trailers for our readers. Check out more bicycle cargo trailers for sale.
Adams brand of products. Our site show cases the Adams product and features everything from unboxing to buying spare parts such as Adams hitches for your Adams trail-a-bike. We will feature both single seat and tandem bicycle trailers.
Kids bicycle trailers: There are many brands of childrens bike trailers on the market, some good, some not so good.  We will provide reviews, customer feedback, complaints, issues and problems where we can so you can make the best buying choice based on our online research.  We have links to Amazon showing you the "best buys" on Amazon and the deepest discounts currently on offer for kids bike trailers.
Enclosed bike trailers: We will be providing reviews and information from customers who have purchased these trailers, there are a number of brands on the market and some provide excellent levels of safety for the younger passengers that might be riding in these enclosed bicycle trailers.  They generally have a canvass housing and mess to protect from sun and insects and are designed to avoid 'tip over' even if the adult bicycle falls over. More enclosed bicycle trailers.

Combo bicycle trailer units - By this we will be pinpointing the bicycle trailers that are convertible to a jogger stroller and also have an attachment to transform the bike trailer unit for towing behind an adult bike.  We will look at many aspects including customers who have bought these trailers, reviews online, pros and cons. 
Child bike seats - These arent so popular as the bicycle trailers but an added accessory that we will be covering for you.  Bike trailer seats fit to the adult bicycle and are available from companies such as the Adams Trail-a-bike company and also suppliers on More child bike seats.
Adams Trail-A-Bike Accessories:  We will cover reviews on accessories and parts for the bicycle trailers such as the Adams bike hitch, helmets and flags, Shims etc.  These are normal accessories for replacement and safety of your child passenger and very important information if you are venturing out onto the road and traffic. More Accessories and Spare parts for bicycle trailers including hitches and pins.

Adams Trail-A-Bike Assembly.

Below is an excellent overview video for anyone looking at buying an Adams Trail-a-bike.  Demonstrated is a folder compact model, this bicycle trailer is a step up from a rear mounted baby seat which the Adams company also sell.  These trailers are ideal when the child is between 3/4 to 8 years old, and they are too small to be riding alongside the adult or parent rider.

The video has some useful tips, e.g., The post seat advice about cutting it lower to get the child seating better and nothing if the child is “rocking” back and forth to ride.  The trailer comes with a bicycle flag.

The video also demonstrates hitch installation and setup to hooking up to the adult bicycle.  Below you will find a beautiful video that shows from box to setup of the trailer.

We have many articles planned for this website.  There will be reviews not just for the Adams brand of bicycle trailers, but we will feature other trailers as well including pet trailers and cargo trailers as well as jogger/stroller units which convert from a child stroller that you can push to a bicycle trailer that you can tow behind you adult bike.

You can read more about our current articles on our website below:


We wrote this article about cleaning bike parts.  Not a task most people like such as cleaning oily bicycle chains but there is an easier way using ultrasonic cleaners to reduce the amount of elbow grease required.  Ultrasonic cleaners are suitable not just for bicycle chains but any metal bike parts and other sporting and hobby equipment. Shooters use them to clean brass casings and even jewelry cleaning etc.  Most of the time the ultrasonic cleaners require only water to be placed in the cleaning bay but at times you can add an ultrasonic cleaner solution to help.  All of these products are available on Amazon and make light work of cleaning your bicycle parts.  You can read more of our article on ultrasonic cleaners for bike parts.

There are many types and brands of ultrasonic cleaners on the market, in fact, Amazon is flooded with a range for sale, so our most popular sellers are the Kendal brand of ultrasonic cleaners.  There are differences in the units and at a basic level, the units use cold water and then higher priced models use heated water.  You can get an LCD screen and also have a unit come in stainless steel finish like the Kendal unit does.  Amazon sells cleaning units for home use as well as some professional grade units for commercial and industrial cleaning.

If you live outside of the United States and want to buy on Amazon, there are some issues.  Amazon has a range of sellers who promote their products, and not all of the sellers like to or ship overseas to non-US addresses.  So you might see an item for sale whether it be the ultrasonic cleaners we promote on our site or want to buy a part for a bicycle trailer or purchase a bike trailer itself on Amazon.  Don’t worry; you can buy on Amazon as a non-US resident (if it says – most os the time its ok and Amazon ship directly overseas) by reading how to do it in our article here.  This article is written for buyers in Australia using Amazon, but there are shipping agents online you can check if you’re not located in Australia.  Just search Google for, e.g., Mail forwarding services or how to buy on Amazon, non-US address.   What happens is you place an order via Amazon and send the goods to the mail forwarding companies US address and, in turn, they on forward to your non-US address.  Australians use this service and even their leading postal company “Austpost” offer a service to ship goods from the US.

Articles About The Adams Bicycle Trailers

Our main flagship seller on this website is the Adams trail-a-bike kids bicycle trailer and accessories such as shims and pins for the Adams Trail-a-bike.  We wrote an article here about the different Adams trailers that are currently selling online.

The article above is ideal if you want to find out the models of Adams trailers and the ages to which these trailer models suite.  You can also get information on the carrying capacity of the trailer, and the price ranges currently on the market.

Bicycle Accessories

We will include some articles on our website about bike accessories.  This is all the necessary stuff you need for child and adult safety whether it be buying and using safety flags to kids and adult bike helmets and to  the carrying of bikes on the vehicle.  Our first article was on rear-mounted vehicle bicycle racks.  We have given a sneak preview of what types of racks are available for a standard sedan to racks for hatchback cars.

The article will give a range of bike rack brands for cars and the choices you can make.

After some time of ownership, you may need accessories for the bicycle trailers themselves, and we have given an article on the Adams bike trailer hitch.  These include pins, hitch pins, shims, etc.  The cheapest place we have found and the most convenient is to buy these pins at  There are parts for sale under $10, and this saves much mucking around.  You can read our article here.  At the time of writing, there were not only parts for under $12 but also sleeve sets on Amazon for $20 for Adams trail-a-bike sleeves and under $30 for a sleeve set replacement kit.

Other Brands Of Bicycle Accessories

As a buyer, you need to make an informed choice and know what the other brands and styles of bicycle trailers are on the market and the different purposes to suit your child’s age.  Our article here features some different and popular makes and models of bike trailers on the market.  Perhaps you do not need a pull behind trailer and might like an enclosed trailer. Perhaps you might like a hybrid jogger stroller unit instead or a tandem trailer or a kids bike trailer that allows the child to pedal.  There are some brands out there and with varying price points.

Bike Trailer Reviews

A featured article that we wrote some time ago were for reviews of the Adams trail-a-bike and from users themselves.  There are some bicycle and cycling forums out there, and we have given some links to where mentions are made of the Adams brand of bike trailers from actual users reviewing this product.

Amy Hernandez. Happy Trailer Rider.
Toronto, Canada.
I love the trailer we bought! I got one for my four years old to ride and she loves riding with us.   The trailers come flat packed and are easy to assemble and get setup. I highly recommend a bicycle trailer for anyone wanting to take their children riding with you.  The unit we bought was the Adams Folder 1 style trailer.

Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers are excellent, and they can be attached to an adult bicycle and towed anywhere, generally where there is a formed road. The trailers are cheap at under $100 from Amazon and offer the ability to cart around shopping and even pets on these trailers.  We will be adding more articles in the coming months on pet trailers and the like for those users who want more than a tag along bicycle trailer for the children.

We hope you get the most out of this website, and if you have any suggestions for articles, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.